The Detectives’ Endowment Association, Inc. — Michael J. Palladino, President

Service Weapons Transition to Semiautomatic Pistols Only

December 28, 2017

After January 1, 2018, revolvers will no longer be authorized as service weapons. Equipment used with service revolvers (regulation holster, speed loaders and pouches, belt) will also be discontinued for service use. These service revolvers can be authorized for use as an off-duty firearm, providing the UMOS does not already have an authorized off-duty revolver or semiautomatic pistol. Members who carry the service revolver will be notified by the Firearms and Tactics Section to report for a three-day transition course on the semiautomatic pistol. Members transitioning to the semiautomatic pistol will be issued their choice of firearm: a Glock Model 17 Generation 4; a Glock Model 19 Generation 4; or a Sig Sauer P226 DAO. The grace period for transitioning to the semiautomatic pistol will end on August 31, 2018. This grace period will allow for scheduling conflicts, firearm inventory replenishment, and retraining when necessary. Members are reminded that they must be qualified to carry an authorized firearm as a condition of employment.