The Detectives’ Endowment Association, Inc. — Michael J. Palladino, President

Recent Board Officer Changes

May 17, 2018


New Borough Director for Brooklyn, Queens, & Staten Island


A new Borough Director has been appointed to replace retired George Fahrbach — former Staten Island Trustee Jeff Ward moves into the Borough Director position.



Scott Munro New Sergeant at Arms


Queens Welfare Officer Scott Munro has replaced retired Sam Miller.



Chairman of the Board of Trustees


Brooklyn South Trustee Joe Calabrese becomes the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.



New Staten Island Officers


Greg Silverman moves up into the Staten Island Trustee position. Raymond Wittick of Staten Island Narcotics is the new Staten Island Welfare Officer. Thanks go to Nicholas Arhakos for his participation in the election.



New Queens Welfare Officer Election


Nicholas Masi of the 103 Squad is the new Queens Welfare Officer. Thanks go to Daniel Gallagher for his participation in the election. 



New Manhattan North Trustee & Welfare Officer



With the retirement of Ervin Urbina, John Hourican moves up to Manhattan North Trustee position. Patrick K. Purcell won the election for Manhattan North Welfare Officer.