The Detectives’ Endowment Association, Inc. — Michael J. Palladino, President

Next DEA Contract

March 20, 2019

The contract expired March 31, 2019.


Recent PBA Updates include the following: The PBA lost its lawsuit against the City to remove Bob Linn; The neutral arbitrator, Mr. John Donoghue, had been selected, however, he resigned from participating, and a new neutral arbitrator must be selected.


On March 7, 2019, President Palladino met with the new Labor Commissioner, Renee Campion.


DC 37’s contract is 2%, 2-1/4%, 3% for 44 months. An additional .50 of which is to be used for salary and for other benefits. The contract was ratified by a 98% vote.


The UFT has ratified their settlement, the same pattern as DC37.