The Detectives’ Endowment Association, Inc. — Michael J. Palladino, President

Keep Cop Killer Herman Bell in Prison

February 1, 2018

Every two years, Herman Bell — the killer of NYPD Police Officers Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones — seeks parole. We believe he belongs in prison. The DEA sent the following letter to the New York State Parole Board on January 4, 2018. Please join our efforts to keep Herman Bell in prison for life. His parole hearing is scheduled for the week of February 20, 2018.



Division of Parole

State of New York

97 Central Avenue

Albany, NY 12206


RE: Herman Bell, DIN #79C0262


Dear Members of the Parole Board:


On May 21, 1971, two New York City Police Department Officers, Waverly Jones and Joseph Piagentini, were answering a radio call at the Colonial Park Houses in the confines of the 32nd Precinct of Manhattan, when they were ambushed and murdered by two self-proclaimed “revolutionaries” and members of the “Black Liberation Army,” Herman Bell and Anthony Bottom. A barrage of bullets blew Officer Jones’ head apart, and Officer Piagentini, shot 13 times, died on his way to the hospital.


Officer Waverly Jones was 32 years old. He had been on the force for five years. He was survived by a wife and three children.  Officer Joseph Piagentini was 27 and had served on the force for five years.  He was survived by a wife and two daughters.


Bottom was arrested on August 27, 1971, when he and BLA cohorts tried to assassinate a San Francisco Police Sergeant. Along with Bottom, Herman Bell eventually stood trial in New York for the murders of Jones and Piagentini and was sentenced to 25-years-to-life, the maximum penalty allowed by New York State law at that time.


Causing much emotional turmoil and anguish for the friends, families, and colleagues of the two slain Police Officers, every two years killers Bell and Bottom seek parole. We hope and pray that the Parole Board will deny these petitions. As far as we know, Herman Bell remains unrepentant and continues to live in grotesque denial, taking no responsibility for his actions, proclaiming he is a “political prisoner.”  He is and always was, plain and simply, a cold-blooded murderer.


The Detectives’ Endowment Association, Inc., the union of active and retired New York City Police Department Detectives, urges the Parole Division of the State of New York to deny the parole petition of Herman Bell. As far as this union’s 18,000 members are concerned, this criminal lost his right to freedom the day he decided to gun down two hardworking New York City Police Officers for no reason other than the twisted cravings of his own overblown ego.  Thank you for considering our position.




Michael J. Palladino