The Detectives’ Endowment Association, Inc. — Paul DiGiacomo, President

Join the NYPD Scuba Team

April 14, 2014

The NYPD Scuba Team is looking for divers. If you have 18 months of certified dive experience (i.e. PADI, NAUI, military, etc.), if you can pass a “Basic Open Water” written test, and pass the following physical, you can be assigned to the Special Operations Division, Harbor Unit, Scuba Team:

You need to pass a competitive physical test with minimums of the following: 12 chin-ups; 32 push-ups in two minutes; 50 sit-ups in two minutes; one mile run in under 6:48; 500 yard swim in under 12:00; 20 minute drown proofing (first three minutes hands out of water); 25 yard underwater swim; 50 yard 12 pound weight belt swim; pass an underwater scuba skills assessment test; simulate open water exit.

The SOD Scuba Team offers specialized patrol, quality of life, a small team, advanced training, 182 appearances, 12 hour chart, 3 day on/3 days off, work on a boat and not an RMP, fly in and jump from a helicopter, special weapons qualifications, and EMT training.

Log on to the NYPD Intranet and search for “Harbor Application” for more details, or call (718) 765-4100/01