The Detectives’ Endowment Association, Inc. — Paul DiGiacomo, President

DEA Receives Letters of Support From Across the Nation

June 11, 2020

The DEA has been receiving many letters of support for its members from across the country. Here are a few of them.

A Message to the President’s office and all NYPD,

I support you and there are a whole lot of people out here who support you as well! I pray for safety through these tough times. If New York officials will not support you, I am sure there are numerous other communities across the U.S. that will. Stay strong.

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Thank You, DEA!

I don’t live in New York, but I watch what’s happening there. I am so glad the NYPD is there to protect its citizens. What you are going through is despicable. I just want you to know you’re appreciated and please do everything you can to get rid of Di Blasio!With much respect …

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I am a retired Texas Peace Officer and was a Detective for many years. During my time on the job, I had occasion to speak with New York City Detectives on a couple of cases.

Sirs, your Detectives are the finest in the world! They carry on a proud tradition with professionalism and great courage.

I have been saddened to see how your men and women have been treated by the lawless rioters and City officials during the current turmoil. And I don’t know, sadly, which group is worse.

I am so glad your group is suing the punks who assault Detectives. It makes me sick that charges are not being pressed. It emboldens these lawless “Grovites”

I know this is an unsolicited email, but I felt compelled to speak out and praise the finest Detectives, past and present, in the world.

Stay proud and keep on, knowing good, hard-working Americans support your Detectives and ALL law enforcement professionals everywhere.

Sincerely …

P.S.  “Grovite” is a term used by us older retired Texas Peace Officers. I’m sure you all have a similar term of endearment!

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Dear Law Enforcement,

I don’t know how much impact, if any, this letter will have, but I believe in the power of words. Right now I imagine that words of encouragement and thanks from average citizens are what law enforcement throughout the country might need. If you see fit, please forward this to any law enforcement departments you can, especially those in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis, if possible.

Thank you for what you do. Recently we have seen no shortage of anti-law enforcement rhetoric, and assaults and attacks on police. Despite these things, know that you are appreciated and loved. If any of you are grieving the loss of a fellow Officer, or were injured yourself, please know that you are not alone; I (and many others) are hurting for you, and we stand with you. Your courage to protect your communities is not unnoticed, and I pray it will not be forgotten. Your devotion to protect and serve is truly inspiring.

May God bless you and keep you.

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It’s a shame your pathetic mayor and mine won’t support the police.

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I saw the article about suing attackers in civil court. As a lawyer, I think it’s a great idea.Are you taking donations specifically to fund this sort of litigation? I would join in.

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Just wanted to say “Bravo” to you and the rest of the men in Blue.

I watched your press conference from the safety of my new home in Nashville, Tennessee. We recently moved from an “out-of-control” California to this place of normalcy.

So many of us have been wondering when our leaders or elected officials would take a stand against this insanity directed toward our Police Officers. I’m very sorry it has to be the men in Blue who have to take a stand — but thank God you are standing (and not kneeling).

Please know that millions of us are with you. We salute you. We honor you. We are humbled by your incredible service. I hope Police Departments across our great nation will gather courage from your decision to take action against those who rage and destroy.

Keep up the good work and keep standing. You make us all proud!

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I’m an Officer from the Akron Police Department in Ohio. First off — I pray for you guys every day. Your city doesn’t deserve you. I recently read of your plans to sue looters and rioters who injure your Officers/Detectives. Do you have a fund to support these lawsuits that one might donate to? Please let me know. Thank you.

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Dear Brave and Upstanding Men and Women of the New York City DEA Union and Police Department,

There are many out here on American “Main Street” who are standing with you in this time of upheaval in our land (and I mean the real “Main Street” of our great USA). I am seriously grieving for all of you and so many of your fellow Officers who have (in many ways) been “thrown under the bus” by your New York City leadership, as well as our national and local media outlets. I am not even from New York, my friends. But I have read many details about the abhorrent anarchy and flippant rebellion you all have had to deal with over these past few weeks there in your city.

In spite of so much weak leadership, capitulation, spineless pandering, and by so many of our elected officials these days, not just Democrats, but even many Republicans these days. Please do know that the majority of the American Public stands with you in this time. Americans want peace and freedom … but they also want “Law, Order & Justice” in our Land, and in spite of so much negative and baseless PR coming against our police these days.

Thank you President Paul DiGiacomo and those in your union who have demonstrated the courage to speak out (with lawsuits if necessary) .. and take your stand against the unruly mobsters attacking your fellow Officers.

Please advise if we can help, because real injustices have now been unleashed upon our land and there are many pockets of irrational and mindless attacks coming at you all from many “loudmouths” in the media and left-wing politics. But “rational” and truly “moral” Americans know that (as with all American Citizens) … members of our American Police Forces stand “innocent until proven guilty in an unbiased court of law.”

God’s blessings upon ALL of you!

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I just read about you suing rioters who cause injury and just wanted to send my support. You have rights, too. I thank God every day for every single one of you risking your lives for me. God bless every single one of you. Thank you.

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I am not an Officer. I’m just a citizen of Pennsylvania who keeps up on the news. I read about plans to sue citizens and hold them accountable for their actions. I wanted to write and say thank you for standing up to them and standing up for us regular citizens, too. It seems no one wants to stand up for what is right. The treatment Officers have received for the sins of one is just sickening. What that man did was wrong. No question. But that doesn’t mean all of you are “bad.”

I’ve unfortunately had to have a lot of police contact, but for medical reasons. I have severe intractable epilepsy. Officers are always the first to show up, and I’ve had Detectives respond who happened to be close by, too. They didn’t have to, it’s not their job, but they felt they could help and they did.

You all go above and beyond 99% of the time. To hold you all accountable for this guy is maddening. It just doesn’t make any sense. I wrote to A&E and told them I’m holding them accountable for every offensive TV moment in history. They want to cancel live PD for one Officer’s actions who wasn’t even on the show. If they want to start lumping things categorically, they are part of TV, therefore they are responsible for offensive TV. They were sure fine making boatloads of money off these Officers until now. I’ve never seen inappropriate behavior by any of their Officers. They exploited them and ditched them like a bad habit. Just all of this is such craziness!

I have felt helpless and hopeless. I feel so terrible for Officers right now. I had to go to my neighbor who is an Officer and just thank him. He doesn’t deserve this. None of you do. Reading that you plan to back your Officers gave me hope that these anarchists will be brought to justice.

I know I’m not a citizen of your area, but please extend my thank you to all of your Officers. I don’t care if they serve me or not, they serve their communities. That makes them the real heroes. Please assure them that the majority of us appreciate them and stand by them. The Internet is like a bullhorn for idiots. It doesn’t reflect what most people feel.

I will pray for you all and please stay safe. I can’t take hearing another Officer has been injured or God forbid worse.

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