The Detectives’ Endowment Association, Inc. — Michael J. Palladino, President

DEA Posts Billboard at 35 Wall Street

March 15, 2018

Recently, over a period of several days, the New York Daily News launched an attack against one of our members who had a disciplinary issue with the Department six years ago. His case was resolved. He took his punishment, and moved on with his life and his career.


For some reason, the Daily News decided to cover it in 2018, which we felt was simply part of their unrelenting anti-police bias. Over the years, the Daily News has mischaracterized and inaccurately reported news about Police Officers to meet their agenda. This time, the Daily News went beyond “reporting” — they went out of their way to embarrass the individual Detective, the Police Department, and our profession.


The DEA has since responded by taking a large billboard in the conspicuous location of 35 Wall Street.


The purpose of the ad is to send a message to the Daily News that interfering with our right to due process, misleading the public, and/or trying to tarnish the reputation of our profession will not go without a response.


Subsequent to their original story about Det. Rice, the Daily News has since been on a crusade to humiliate publicly individual Officers of all ranks and the NYPD with regards to the disciplinary process. Their objective is to convince legislators to amend or repeal the protections provided to Police Officers by the Section 50-A law of the State of New York which prohibits the release of personnel information. As a result, the DEA reiterates what we posted previously: that DEA members are strongly encouraged to refrain from cooperating with reporters from the Daily News newspaper.


The paper’s attack on Members of the Service and the integrity of the NYPD goes well beyond reporting the news. The two reporters, Graham Rayman and Rocco Parascondola, are attempting to interfere with the due process rights of all Detectives. Their actions are an assault on the work ethic and integrity of all members of the NYPD who risk their lives while serving the public.


As a reminder, in any event, it is a violation of PG sections 212.49 and 212.77 for active Members of the Service to speak with reporters without authorization from DCPI. Should you receive requests from reporters, refer them to DCPI or the DEA.




Michael J. Palladino