The Detectives’ Endowment Association, Inc. — Paul DiGiacomo, President

Calls for NYC Health Chief Oxiris Barbot to Resign After Rejecting NYPD PPE Request

May 14, 2020

Police unions are livid and demanding New York City’s Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot resign or be fired after she reportedly gave an emphatic rejection when the NYPD sought more face masks for officers.

In late March, Barbot had a phone call with Chief of Department Terence Monahan regarding additional PPE for police, as the department sought 500,000 masks. Barbot insisted only 50,000 would be made available, and said flatly “I don’t give two rats’ a–es about your cops,” the New York Post first reported. “I need them for others,” she said, implying that the masks would be going elsewhere.

The Detective’s Endowment Association also issued very strong words in response, saying the health commissioner was “endangering our men and women in blue” by blocking them from getting more supplies.

“A so-called city leader, Dr. Barbot showed her true colors as a cop-hater. Five brave NYPD Detectives died as the DEA searched for protective equipment to purchase for our members while we waited for the city to distribute masks,” a union statement read. “Dr. Oxiris Barbot’s shameful behavior likely contributed to the further spread of this deadly virus. She has brought great shame to New York City government and every medical professional who is courageously fighting the Coronavirus pandemic alongside our cops.”

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