The Detectives’ Endowment Association, Inc. — Paul DiGiacomo, President

A Message To All Detectives Regarding Recent Disturbing Videos of Doused Cops

July 23, 2019

Regarding The Recent Videos Of Uniformed Police Officers Being Doused With Water

From DEA President Michael J. Palladino


The recent videos of civilians interfering with uniformed Officers effecting a lawful arrest in the 28th Precinct, and dousing Officers with water in the 73rd Precinct are disturbing to say the least.  Even more sickening is the deafening silence from politicians in the City and State.  Lawmakers with decriminalization agendas apparently have little regard for the law, so there’s no reason to believe those very same politicians have any regard for us.  If they did, they would publicly condemn such behavior, but instead, they condone it by remaining silent.


Make no mistake, the actions contained in these videos are a direct result of the words and actions of political leaders and their “criminal protection agenda.”  A fragile and dangerous atmosphere exists in some communities for Officers performing their lawful duties. The politicians created it, so they must own it and fix it now, before it escalates and someone gets injured or killed.


Uncertainty and indecision for Police Officers is risky and could result in serious injury or death; therefore, I am asking Detectives to exercise extreme caution and safety at all times while performing your investigations and enforcement. Be cognizant of all people around you, because any threat against you may not be coming directly from the person(s) with whom you are engaged. Do not hesitate to call for assistance if you need it, because fellow Officers will be more than happy to respond. Take any lawful action necessary to protect yourself and your fellow Officers.


Lastly, please advise your union representatives or call the DEA directly to report any similar situation or encounter.


Michael J. Palladino