The Detectives’ Endowment Association, Inc. — Paul DiGiacomo, President

A Message from the DEA President About This Weekend’s Shooting in The Bronx

February 9, 2020

The Detectives’ Endowment Association, Inc. stands shoulder to shoulder with our fellow Officers who were shot and injured this weekend (Saturday, February 8, 2020) in The Bronx.


The lawless actions of many in New York City is now evident for the world to see. Two of New York’s Finest in uniform — one in a police vehicle and one in a station house — were shot within 12 hours of each other by a cowardly criminal who is on parole. We must ask our elected officials who coddle criminals and cop-haters this: How lawless do the streets need to become before you act? Your words and ill-advised policies have serious consequences.


Four years ago, we saw our brother Detectives Wen Jian Liu and Rafael Ramos assassinated. Three years later, Detective Miosotis Familia was targeted and killed for wearing a blue uniform as well. During those tragedies, we heard from elected officials who said they would never forget. We need more than empty promises and head shaking at press conferences from elected officials who have helped enact the laws that put police and the public in danger. We need strong legislation that protects our members and the public.


Our men and women in blue enter their noble profession to protect and serve — not to be targets of senseless violence and anti-police rhetoric. We need to be supported by the community and those in government. Every elected official should be publicly outraged.


Make no mistake about it, we know New York City Detectives will never relent in their mission to keep people safe. In this anti-police climate, we urge each member of the Detectives’ Endowment Association to take action when necessary and protect his-or-herself and your fellow Officers from any threats as you keep New Yorkers safe. If your life is in danger, do what you have been trained to do. STOP THE THREAT. Make sure you go home to your family at the end of your tour.


Law enforcement must be included in criminal justice policy making. Working together is how we will safely change laws. Elected officials must act now.




Paul DiGiacomo, President and the DEA Board