Police Relief Fund

Every member of the Department has built-in to his or her union dues structure $1.30 per payday which goes directly to the Police Relief Fund (PRF). The PRF provides the following outstanding services to all members of the department:

•Assistance with Medical or Emergency Relief Bills for any member of the service who is faced with excessive costs, has exhausted their DEA catastrophic coverage and pension loan options, and hasn't a substantial bank account. MOS can apply to the PRF for assistance via their union representation. On a monthly basis, line organization representatives authorize monetary awards to those in need.

•To contact the DEA Police Relief Fund representative, call (212) 587-1000.

•Counseling Services are available to every MOS who needs guidance to combat alcohol, gambling, marital, or other problems. Call (718) 834-8433.

•The Early Intervention Unit provides discreet discussion and personal attention to all MOS on a 24-hour quick response basis, and no departmental records are kept. Call (646) 610-6730.

•P.O.P.P.A. (Police Organization Providing Peer Assistance -- formerly known as the Membership Assistance Plan or MAP) provides volunteer MOS who assist their brother and sister officers in times of psychological and emotional need. For assistance call 1 (888) COPS-COP or 1 (888) 267-7267 or to help as a volunteer, call (212) 298-9111.  P.O.P.P.A has added a retiree hotline at (800) 599-1085.

•The Emergency Medical Squad at 38-13 Northern Boulevard, Queens, has highly trained police officers who provide MOS with a variety of services, including hospital beds, wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, medical devices of all kinds, ambulance services, and oxygen. All services are free of charge and are paid for by the PRF.

•The Emergency Medical Squad can be contacted by calling (718)
 626-9320 or 9321.

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