3/4s Benefit Equalized for Tier 3 Members -- Video On PPF Website

On Tuesday, April 11, 2017, Governor Cuomo signed the legislation giving Tier 3 members a three-quarters disability benefit equal to Tier 2 Officers. The bill parallels the recently enacted Tier 3 fix for Firefighters, including doing away with the Social Security offset.


All Tier 3 members will get written communication from the Police Pension Fund regarding the changes and the election form to “opt-in” to the enhanced benefit. The PPF created a new fact sheet handout that is on the PPF’s website at –



The PPF is releasing educational information for effected members. This includes a video explaining the new enhancements that has been uploaded to the Police Pension Fund website, and may possibly be distributed via the Department Intranet and through Smartphone devices. The “opt-in” Election Forms will be sent to effected members at the addresses they have on file with the PD. The forms will also be made available for downloading from the PPF website. The Department also plans to use their Facebook page, email, and other forms of communication to distribute the information.


You can also connect to the PPF’s website from the DEA’s homepage.