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The DEA has a long term relationship with Vascular Diagnostic in Flushing, Queens for cardiac and vascular evaluations of the risk factors and/or symptoms that can lead to heart attack or stroke.

A very important research study from Johns Hopkins has been published by the Mayo Clinic in 2015. The summary of their findings are as follows:


Cardiologists at Johns Hopkins have developed a formula over a decade that enables them to estimate an individual’s risk of dying based on the results of a simple, common treadmill test. Fitness level was the single most powerful predictor of death and survival, even after researchers accounted for other important variables, such as diabetes and family history of premature death – a finding that underscores the profound importance of heart and lung fitness, the investigators say.

The DEA has always been in the forefront of giving members easy access to the latest and most cutting-edge medical technology to stop serious health issues in advance. This is in line with our concern that heart attack, stroke, and poor blood circulation problems are prevalent in the NYPD due to the highly stressful conditions of police work.

The following questionnaire was compiled by the Medical Director, Dr. Martin J. Kaplitt, at Vascular Diagnostic:

Do these risk factors apply to you?

Lack of sustained cardiovascular exercise

Poor diet (low fiber, high saturated fats)



High blood pressure

Worry and tension

Lack of regular checkups


Family History of heart attack, stroke, and/or aneurysm

Know Your Warning Signs!

High Blood Pressure (120/70 is normal)

Chest pains, tightness or discomfort

Shortness of breath

Rapid or skipped heartbeat

Palpitations or “fluttering” of the heart

Pain or numbness of the arms

Heartburn or indigestion

Lightheadedness or dizzy spells

Known vascular disease or previous stroke

Numbness or tingling of arm, leg, or face

Calf pain with exertion

Blurry, double, or momentary loss of vision

Headaches (along with other warning signs)

Slurred speech (even momentary)

Ringing or buzzing sounds in ears



Call Vascular Diagnostic for an appointment at 718-886-0600 or visit their website at

Don’t put off making an appointment. There is only a $15 co-pay.

The Mt. Sinai World Trade Center (WTC) Health Program has partnered with Optum to provide prescription benefits for the certified WTC-related condition(s). Optum services help make sure MOS receive approved medications timely through a network known as Tmesys®.

All MOS being monitored by the Mt. Sinai Program will be receiving a prescription card through the U.S. mail. Please use this card for your 09/11 related prescriptions when you go to the pharmacy.


The switch to Optum occurred on November 1, 2016. Members should see no interruption in the ability to receive medications, whether receiving medications from an in-store pharmacy or the Mail Order program.


However, if you encounter any problems with the medications, please contact the WTC Health Program at 1-888-982-4748.


The prescription card will work at Walgreens, the preferred provider, along with all major chains and most neighborhood pharmacies. If you would like a list of network pharmacies, please visit or call 1-855-640-0005. Not everyone who receives this card has pharmacy benefits. Any attempt to fill a non-approved WTC Health Program medication will be rejected.


Questions? Need Help? Call 1-888-982-4748.

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