AFLAC Insurance Offers


Optional and at the Members' Expense

The DEA has entered into an agreement with Aflac New York to offer supplemental coverage to all DEA members for an Accident Policy, Cancer Protection Policy, Dental Supplement, and/or Hospital Protection Policy.

If you need further information or are interested in enrolling, contact the following Aflac New York Agents:

Stephen DeMaria           Joseph Pernice

Cell 917-848-8334         917-886-7215

Office 212 679-9807      Fax 212 658-9662

Toll Free (800) 564-2775

Aflac polices are purchased via payroll deduction.

Aflac has the finest Specified Disease Cancer Protection policy, one that pays cash benefits directly to policyholders. The rates are the same for all active members. It is portable and can be carried with you at retirement at the same group rates with no increase. We highly recommend you consider this policy.

The attached PDF file is the Aflac Payroll Election Form for DEA Members.

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