Dental Plan

A member must select from one of the following dental plan options:


An enrollment card is needed for this program. The member selects a panel dentist whom the entire family is required to use. You must use this dentist only. There are no dental forms to submit.

Please note that enrollments for this plan are done monthly. If the application is received by the 15th of the month, it will be effective the first of the following month.


PLAN TWO – FEE SCHEDULE PLAN click here to download dental forms

Participating Dental Providers

Choose a dentist from the DEA participating provider listing. These dentists have agreed to accept Healthplex's DEA schedule as payment in full for covered services. Healthplex will pay these providers directly. You are not responsible to pay these participating dentists for covered services.

* * * * * OR * * * * *

Non Participating Dental Providers

The member may choose any dentist he or she prefers and pay the dentist directly for services. The member is reimbursed for covered services only according to the DEA fee schedule of allowances.

Please note: DEA members who are enrolled in the Comprehensive Panel Program are not permitted to use the providers under the Fee Schedule Plan.

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