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Official Line of Duty Deaths

James V. Nemorin

James Nemorin

Rank: Detective

Shield Number: 6690

Command: OCCB - Firearms Investigation Unit

Date of Death: 03/10/2003

Cause of Death: Shot - Investigation

Detective Andrews and Detective James Nemorin were shot and killed while involved in an undercover buy and bust operation.  One of the detectives had arranged to buy a Tech-9 submachine gun from a suspect who had sold him a .357 Magnum a few days earlier.  When Detectives Nemorin and Andrews pulled up to a location in Staten Island with cash ready for their second gun buy in a week, their target telephoned them in the detectives’ car to say he was unhappy that two men had arrived for the gun deal, instead of the expected one.  One of the detectives, who had been part of the first gun sale managed a momentary bluff by saying he had brought along his brother-in-law to make him feel more comfortable.  The target then instructed the detectives to drive his two associates to another location where the sale would take place. The suspect never intended to sell the detectives a gun, but instead was going to rob them of the $1,200 they had brought for the deal.  During the ride, the detectives signaled through a hidden audio hook-up to their back up that one of the four

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