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Oct 16

NYPD Beauty Against Cancer Day

Tuesday, October 16, 2018, in honor of cancer survivors, The Housing Bureau of the NYPD is hosting a “Beauty Against Cancer” Day at One Police Plaza. The day will be hosted by professional makeup artist Zuleika Viera, beginning at 1100 hours and ending at 1700 hours.


The event will include a host of industry experts including makeup artists, aestheticians, nutritionists, hair stylists, massage therapists, nail technicians, wardrobe stylists and a comprehensive network of professional and devoted individuals whose common goal is to give back to our community in the form of beauty instruction.


Our events will feature teaching proper skin care, makeup self-application, hair styling tips and techniques, nutrition guidance, fashion tips and more.


The mission of this event is to help women and men, NYPD Officers, and other first responders, along with community members currently battling cancer, as well as cancer survivors. The objective is to alleviate the stigma of declining beauty and physical wellness associated with cancer patients. The intent is to lift spirits, boost self-esteem, and cultivate the courage to battle cancer.


The event is open to members of the service and their families who have and/or are enduring cancer-related complexities and managing the side effects of cancer treatment.