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Jun 13
19:00 - 22:00

10-13 for Det. George Torres and Sgt. William Brautigam

Come out and support these two warriors as they battle 9/11 related cancers.


June 13, 2019


Tryon Public House

4740 Broadway, New York

19:00-22:00 hours

$80 covers open bar and food


For Tickets and Information contact

Det. Sean Ruanova (646) 476-0504

Or email

Det. Guy LaMazza (646) 831-2889

Sgt. Mike Daly (347) 675-5664

Lt. Sean McHugh (347) 381-0021


Det. George Torres has served in the 25 Precinct, 33 Precinct, NBBX, NBMN, FIU, OCID, CEIS

Sgt. William Brautigam has served in the 33 Precinct, MN ALU, MN Boro Crime, MN Vice, NBMN, Intell, CEIS



IAB log# 008/2019