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Rockland County Business Owner Seeks Driver for New York City and Suburbs

March 11, 2019

Rockland County area business owner seeks retired member of the NYPD to provide driver services on a per diem plus overtime basis. Payment will be $150 per day for one to eight hours plus at $25/hr if the trip goes over eight hours. All driving will be in employer’s own car with the employer paying all expenses. A trip may consist of a quick trip to New York City for a single meeting, waiting curbside, and then back to Suffern; or it may be a full day with multiple stops and waiting. There will be occasional evening events as well. A week may consist of anywhere between one and five trips with the weekly schedule laid out by the prior Saturday.


This is a driver job, not security. Being armed is not required. Client is searching for a retired Officer for the knowledge of the City. There is a lot of down time waiting in the car.


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