The DEA has established an Employment Unit to assist our members with the second half of their careers. Our list of retired New York City Police Detectives is comprised of highly qualified and experienced men and women with versatile law enforcement skills, which can be readily applied to many types of business operations.

If your company or agency is interested in hiring a self-motivated individual with a solid background in criminal investigations, security, protection, or if you are a DEA retiree looking for such a position, contact Paul DiGiacomo at the DEA Employment Unit at (212) 587-1000 or email at pauldigiacomo@nycdetectives.org


Federal Jobs with the FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a variety of positions available and posted on their website. Salary range is $45,000 to approx $108,000 and details are available by visiting FBIJobs.com

Thinking of becoming a private eye or running a security firm? The first step is to obtain the proper state license.

Every state has a licensing division for private investigators and security (also known as watchguard) companies. You’ll need to pass an exam based on P.I. and Security License Law. In addition, New York State requires a $10,000 license surety bond. These bonds have a two-year duration and can be obtained through the DEA’s insurance consultant, The Mechanic Group, for only $125.00. The State of New York also requires all security companies to purchase liability insurance with minimum limits of $300,000 per occurence. Workers compensation and state disability is also required if your firm has any employees, independent contractors, or has more than two officers. All of these items are available from The Mechanic Group.

For your free “Becoming a Private Investigator or Starting a Security Firm Tool Kit,” contact Jeanne Reynolds at The Mechanic Group at (845) 735-0700, or call toll free at (800) 214-0207.


Job Listings


Part Time Armed, Varied Security Positions Available

Looking to hire armed LEOs for part time, temporary, armed security services such as executive protection, private event security, concerts, and fixed post security. Competitive wages and excellent growth opportunities. […]

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Armed Security Needed for Manhattan and Bronx

Armed, proactive men and women needed to work security at various synagogues in Manhattan (on the Upper East Side) and in Riverdale (in the Bronx).   Seeking people who can […]

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Senior Rackets Investigator Wanted in The Bronx

The Office of the Bronx District Attorney is currently recruiting for a Senior Rackets Investigator and a Senior Rackets Investigator (Night Statement Room). There are other positions that may be […]

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Armed Retiree Wanted for Supervisory Position

Armed retired Detective wanted for a supervisory position in New York City and vicinity. $25 per hour. If interested, fax resume to (718) 746-0422, or email  ddigiovanni@secur-it.com

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Part-Time Armed Security in Suffolk County

Retiree Detectives who live in Suffolk County wanted for part-time security for a high end jewelry boutique in East Hampton. $30 per hour. Labor Day and Memorial Day pay rises […]

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