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ACS Needs Investigative Consultant Supervisors

December 8, 2017

The New York City Administration for Children’s Services is hiring Investigative Consultant Supervisors. The Investigative Consultant (IC) Supervisors oversee the staff at one or more locations. The staff consists of Investigative Consultants who are almost all retired NYPD Detectives and ranks above. IC Supervisors must have been a Sergeant or rank above in the NYPD, and should have experience in child abuse, domestic violence, missing persons, warrants or other similar investigative assignments. Supervisors will be expected to review cases, coordinate conferences with ACS staff, schedule and respond on field visits, conduct investigations, direct searches for missing children and families, forge a relationship with ACS leadership, conduct training and be computer literate. Much of the job consists of computer based searches pertaining to criminal background checks and domestic violence history of subjects and resources. There are three immediate openings in Manhattan. Two are for the 1500 x 2400 tour. The applicant must be retired from the NYPD for at least one year. For more details or to apply go to the NYC ACS website and search for the “Protection Agent II” title.