Detectives' Endowment Association, Inc. — Paul DiGiacomo, President

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When contacting the DEA, please remember to identify yourself by name and unit. The DEA will not open unsolicited email attachments or answer anonymous messages.

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Detectives’ Endowment Association, Inc.
26 Thomas Street
New York, NY 10007
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(212) 587-1000 – Executive Office
(212) 587-9120 – Health Benefits Office

Please only contact the following Board Officers or personnel if you are a DEA member, or a personal acquaintance of the individual. All other messages should be forwarded to the DEA’s general email address. Press or media inquiries should be forwarded to the DEA President’s office.

General Inquiries
DEA Health Benefits Office
Executive Director of the DEA, Carmine Russo
DEA Retiree Representative, Steve Feely
Staten Island Welfare Officer, Raymond L. Wittick
Queens Welfare Officer, Nicholas Masi
Brooklyn South Welfare Officer, Brian Meyers
Brooklyn North Welfare Officer, Election Pending
Bronx Welfare Officer, Rick Simplicio
Manhattan North Welfare Officer, Richard Baboolal
Manhattan South Welfare Officer, Ryan Johnston
Headquarters Welfare Officer, Brian P. Maguire
Staten Island Trustee, Gregory W. Silverman
Queens Trustee and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, John J. Comer
Brooklyn North Trustee, Christopher J. Schilling
Brooklyn South Trustee, Timothy O'Brien
Bronx Trustee, Tony Casilla
Manhattan North Trustee, John F. Hourican
Manhattan South Trustee, Antonio Esposito
Headquarters Trustee, Patrick J. Donohue
Sergeant at Arms, Joseph R. Tallarine
Borough Director for Manhattan, Bronx, & Headquarters, Brian Hunt
Borough Director for Brooklyn/Queens/Staten Island, Frank Ciccone
Treasurer, Jeffrey A. Ward
Union Secretary, Scott Munro
Vice President, Paul E. Morrison
To contact the President’s Office, the website, The Gold Shield magazine, the Legislative Director, and for all media and press inquiries, contact Sam Katz at
For a more timely response to breaking news stories or press inquiries, call the President's office at (212) 587-1000.